I'm Ryan Morrison. I am a technically minded, communications specialist. I have worked as a journalist, public relations officer, media officer, social media manager, presenter, developer, designer, photographer, writer and vlogger.

I see all of the above as different ways to create the same thing - compelling content and a way to communicate ideas, messages and stories.

I am currently working for the Mail Online as a Senior Science and Technology Reporter - specialising in space stories but covering all aspects of science, technology and history. If someone's written a study on something - I'll give it a read.

I am married with four children and have a passion for astornomy, so much so that I'm doing a degree with the Open University specialising in the subject. The Earth is my favourite planet as it is the only one we know about where we can survive without living in a specially built habitat.

Before joining the Mail I worked for the BBC as a journalist and have covered everything from court cases to the closure of Teletext - yes I'm that old.




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