Who is Ryan Morrison?

Artistic impression of a bearded geek at a desk

I work on the idea of constantly trying to improve myself. On looking at areas of my life and skillset that could be improved and improving them. From taking online courses to learn new skills to practicing the ones I already have.

I play guitar and drums, I make and edit videos, I have presented radio shows and produced podcasts, I’ve been a journalist for 15 years and was a designer before that.

I create apps and games for iPhone, Android, Mac, Windows and the web. I use Unity, XCode and Android Studio. I use Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere, I use Photoshop and Sketch. I try to find new ideas and new ways of doing things.

I’m always open to be challenged and listen. I share what I create in the hope others will do the same and love what I do. I’m a father of five, have been married for most of my adult life and try to find happiness in everything.

Public Relations

I have worked for central government as a public relations officer, working on crisis communications, acting as a spokesperson, creating reports and liasing with key stakeholders.

I have also worked on marketing projects, social media management and media relations.


For 16 years I have worked for the BBC as a journalist, specifically writing for the BBC News website. But working in a small newsroom has meant I have had to take on a wider range of roles than would otherwise be the case.

I have covered politics in Jersey and the UK, written stories read by millions of people and worked on larger, longer term projects including extensive research and fact checking.

I have covered court for radio, online and TV and produce short form video packages for the BBC News website and social media platforms

Presenting and producing

In 2004 I pitched an idea for a new music show on BBC Radio Jersey. There were a handful on local radio stations across the country and I felt Jersey could benefit from one.

I have played in bands and wanted to give new musicians of all genres a chance to have their music heard on the radio. This later evolved into part of the BBC Music Introducing family of shows.

I have appeared on BBC Radio 1 talking about the Jersey music scene, produced coverage for TV, radio and online of the Jersey Live music festival and interviewed a range of musicians from Ed Sheeran and George Ezra to Paul Weller and The Proclaimers.

Social, coding and design

While at the BBC I launched and run the social media accounts for the BBC in Jersey, working to build the audience for the platforms before they were in common media use.

Before that I worked for a Jersey based technology company called Itex where I worked on a range of projects for government departments and corporate clients including taking the lead on a new social security website and job centre kiosk – which was still in use a decade later.

At the time my focus was on design, particularly user interface design and user experience rather than development. I first started learning to code about three years ago after my son had an idea for a game he wanted to play.

I built it for him and it has been downloaded over 1,000 times on the Apple App Store. It’s called The Munchies: Avoid the Poop.

I have also built a number of other apps including a quiz game, a medication tracker, space adventure game and a journalism tool.


I first started uploading vlog style videos in February 2006, about a year after the launch of YouTube itself.

I remember my first video was about my backpack, was filmed on tape and I was recognised by people over in the island for a film festival who saw it on YouTube.

I deleted it and have since lost all my early videos. But I’ve started up again and am trying to post about once per week. It’s more of a cathartic excercise for me than any expectations of fame and glory but if people watch that’s nice.

Technically minded

As mentioned above, I can code in Swift and C#, I’m learning Python and have had thousands of downloads of apps I’ve published to the Apple, Android and Kindle app stores.

I am also working on a BSc (Honours) Combined STEM (Space Science and Technology) with the Open University.

I am studying modules in management and marketing, information technology, general science and space science over the course of the three year degree.