Creating an AI slide deck generator


I turned to AI for a way to simplify the creation of slide decks in PowerPoint. It went better than expected.

Ideas come from everywhere and inspired by an email from a reader I decided to see if I could build a simple tool for generating a slide deck from a simple prompt.

I have managed to create a basic Python GUI application that takes the prompt and number of slides, runs it through the gpt-3.5-turbo model from OpenAI, finds suitable images using the Unsplash API and puts it together with the pptx module.

It doesn’t look pretty – next stage is to implement templates as part of the UI process. I also need to work on limiting generated output to bullets rather than narrative and ensuring each slide has its own theme.

In a few evenings – while norovirus runs rampant through my household – I’ve created a rough application that takes a text prompt and outputs a slide deck. I’ll upload the code to GitHub when I’ve tidied it up.

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