Exploring AppleTV’s Rich Visual Storytelling Through AI-Generated Art


I took the alt text Apple used on X and put it through MidJourney to create new images.

The world of television is not just about moving images and dialogue; it’s a canvas where every frame tells a story. AppleTV, known for its attention to detail, takes this a step further with highly descriptive alt texts for its images, capturing the essence of pivotal moments in their shows. As an experiment, I fed a few of these alt tags into MidJourney, an AI image generation tool, to see how it interprets these snapshots from popular TV series.

For each of the images I took the original from the AppleTV account on X, copied the Alt Text and fed the content into MidJourney v6 as a prompt.

Severance: The Desolate World of Mark Scout


In the critically acclaimed series ‘Severance’, we have Mark Scout, portrayed by Adam Scott. The alt tag describes a close-up shot of Mark against a blank white wall, his black suit jacket and white button-down shirt slightly visible. But it’s his expression, one of misery, that captivates and gives a glimpse into the show’s haunting narrative. This dystopian series delves into the lives of employees who have undergone a ‘severance’ procedure, dividing their memories between work and personal life.

Masters of the Air: Glimpses of War Through Major Cleven’s Eyes

Next, I explored ‘Masters of the Air,’ featuring Major Gale Cleven, played by Austin Butler. The image’s alt tag depicts him in a fighter jet’s cockpit, peeking out the window with a neutral expression, arm resting on the plane’s side. Dressed in a pilot uniform, this frame captures the calm before the storm, reflecting the show’s focus on the American bombers during World War II.

Ted Lasso: The Complex Character of Jamie Tartt

‘Ted Lasso,’ a show that has won hearts worldwide, presents the character of Jamie Tartt, played by Phil Dunster. The alt tag describes him in a black and beige army print jacket, a grey shirt underneath, adorned with a gold necklace. Holding a red-wrapped present with gold and red bows, his expression remains neutral. This image, while seemingly simple, hints at Jamie’s complex personality and the evolving dynamics in the show.

Shrinking: A Candid Moment with Harrison Ford

Finally, ‘Shrinking’ brings us a candid shot of Harrison Ford as Dr. Paul Rhoades. The alt text describes him seated on a bench, wearing a blue shirt, and in mid-conversation with someone standing up, carrying a red backpack. This image subtly hints at the show’s premise, where Ford’s character navigates the complexities of mental health, offering a mix of humor and depth.

Home: A Sanctuary in Every Frame

Continuing our exploration with AppleTV’s alt texts, I delved into an image from the series ‘Home.’ Unlike the character-driven narratives of the previous shows, ‘Home’ offers a visual feast that focuses on living spaces, each telling a unique story about the people inhabiting them.

The alt text describes a sitting room, a sanctuary of peace and introspection. It features dark wood window panes that frame the lush greenery outside, inviting nature into the space. This connection with the outside world is a recurring theme in ‘Home,’ where architecture and environment harmoniously blend.


This experiment with MidJourney and AppleTV’s alt tags reveals the power of a single image to convey layers of a character and a story. These AI interpretations remind us of the intricate details embedded in each frame of a TV show, often overlooked but integral to the storytelling. As we continue to explore the intersection of AI and creative media, experiments like this open new windows into understanding and appreciating the art of visual storytelling.

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