Gaming and Game Characters and their zodiac signs: It’s written in the stars!


I cover a lot of space stories, from launches and new rocket designs, through to discoveries of exoplanets or the exploration of Mars and the Moon by NASA, ESA, JAXA and others.

I also clearly talk on social about my love for astronomy – so it is surprising that I get a considerable number of Astrology related press releases – usually one version of ‘best star sign for…’ type pieces.

I’ve had several on the link between gaming and astrology including the best star sign for gaming and what star sign each game character is. It doesn’t fit within what I usually write, so I decided to share some here.


Star signs most commonly featured as influencers
Star signs most commonly featured as influencers

From Ninja to Shroud to Vanoss, some of the world’s most successful gamers, streamers and YouTubers are Geminis, according to research by Lickd, the music licensing platform for creators.

Their research revealed that Geminis are the most likely star sign to make it as gaming influencers, based on an analysis of the birth dates of over 600 social media influencers.

Celebrity Psychic Medium, Chris Riley said: “Geminis are naturally playful and intellectually curious. They constantly juggle a variety of passions, hobbies, careers and friendship groups and are known as the social butterflies of the zodiac.

“Geminis are the quick-witted twins and can talk to anyone about anything, something which shines through as influencers.”

Lickd found that the most common star sign was Gemini across the board, out of 600 social media influencers, but it did vary by sector.

For example, those in the fashion and style sector were most commonly Leo, those in beauty were Pisces and Leo and Travel commentators were most commonly Libra or Scorpio.

Riley said: “Geminis, Leos and Scorpios make the best creators and influencers because they are the most passionate and dynamic of the Zodiac signs.”


Ahead of Valentines Day 2021, website FandomSpot analysed the traits of some of the biggest gaming heroes in an attempt to reveal their star signs and how the stars would align on the dating scene.

They predict that Mario, who is courageous and determined to save the Mushroom Kingdom, would be an Aries and Lara Croft, who is tenacious and imaginative, would be a Cancer.

“Not one to shy away from a princess or kingdom in jeopardy, Aries Mario is confident, determined and always optimistic,” predicted FandomSpot.

“His familiarity to the phrase, ‘our princess is in another castle‘ brings out his short temper, and as any unsuspecting Goomba may know, he can be a touch on the aggressive side, which makes him a partner who keeps you on your toes.”

Mario and crew

Mario (Super Mario Bros. series)


Not one to shy away from a princess or kingdom in jeopardy, Aries Mario is confident, determined and always optimistic. His familiarity to the phrase, ‘our princess is in another castle‘ brings out his short temper, and as any unsuspecting Goomba may know, he can be a touch on the aggressive side, which makes him a partner who keeps you on your toes.

Master Chief (Halo series)


Years as a SPARTAN-II has built John-117, aka Master Chief, into a reliable, responsible and devoted commando, and after countless battles with the Covenant, Master Chief cannot hide his stubborn and possessive side, making this Taurus a nightmare of any Leos.

Princess Peach (Super Mario Bros. series)


Being a Gemini helps when having to rule the Mushroom Kingdom, as Princess Peach is gentle, affectionate and has the ability to adapt quickly, making her a compassionate and loving partner. This comes in handy when under threat from Bowser, but also makes her nervous, and at times inconsistent.

Lara Croft (Tomb Raider series)


Cancer Lara has been raiding tombs since she was young, which has hardened her into a tenacious, imaginative and loyal archaeologist. Her pessimism can occasionally stray into vicious mood swings, and beware her cunning manipulative abilities, as any butler locked inside a freezer can vouch.

Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic the Hedgehog series)


Leo Sonic is passionate, generous and cheerful, which are all traits needed when having to constantly defeat Eggman and rescue woodland creatures. At times he can come across as arrogant or stubborn, which is only exacerbated by his ability to run at the speed of light, which potential partners may struggle to keep up with.

Link (The Legend of Zelda series)


Virgo Link is loyal, hardworking, and practical, meaning he has been the go-to saviour of Hyrule for generations. His shyness often results in him saying little—frustrating for any future partners—and thanks to Ganondorf’s evil schemes, he has an ‘all work, no play’ attitude.

Aloy (Horizon series)


Thanks to growing up as an outcast, Scorpio Aloy was forced to rely on her resourcefulness, bravery and stubbornness. Due to knowing little about her origins, she is a distrustful and jealous partner, and mechanical creatures know all-too-well that she is prone to unleash her violent side.

Michael De Santa (Grand Theft Auto V)


You can’t commit the crimes Sagittarius Michael De Santa has committed and not have an idealistic outlook on life, together with a great sense of humour. Like with any career criminal, he has a habit of promising more than he can deliver and will say anything, no matter how problematic.

Samus Aran (Metroid series)


Hiding her face for so long has made Samus a textbook Capricorn; disciplined with a strong sense of self-control. As her many enemies can attest, Samus is unforgiving, so potential partners should be wary not to cross her, and she always expects the worst possible outcome (which often materialises).

Jill Valentine (Resident Evil series)


Jill has had more encounters with the bio-engineered horrors of Umbrella than she cares to remember, which has made this Aquarius hugely independent and a strict humanitarian. Not only does she run from zombies, but also emotional expression, which makes her at times temperamental and uncompromising. Partners should handle with care.

Most video game characters have been too busy to find love. Jill Valentine has been plagued by zombies for the better part of three decades, with little option for any down time.

Sonic has been running tirelessly through loops, casinos and temples, without so much as stopping for a breather, let alone a candlelit meal with a potential love, FandomSpot wrote before Valentines Day 2021.

Geek culture website FandomSpot introduced the world of internet dating to popular video game characters, to help them find love during lockdown in the Mushroom Kingdom and beyond.

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