Perfect mix: A long walk and a camera


I take photos while out walking with the baby in the pushchair.

One of my favourite weekend activities is going for a long walk with the baby in the pushchair.

He sleeps, my wife gets a break and I get to explore and take photos. They range from quick snaps to full blown, structured images.

This weekend I travelled around Hemel Hempstead, my home town in Hertfordshire.

The walk took me near large parks, along a main road and in view of a small canal.

Walking gives me a chance to catch-up on podcasts, audio books and get some exercise at the same time.

This is time I miss from my commute to London, something I haven’t done since lockdown one.

I don’t miss much about commuting, but the 30 minute walk to the train station and back, the walk between stations and a walk on my lunch break is an aspect I do miss.

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