It is coming up to a year since I last published an episode of A Trip to Space. The original plan was to publish the show weekly, take a month off after every ten shows, and then do another ten show run. Life got in the way.

Well, life and the fact building an audience for a new podcast is no easy task, especially when it is just you writing, recording, editing and producing the show. As well as doing publication and promotion.

I was using Blubrry to host the podcast, as it was convenient, integrated well with WordPress, and made it easy to upload to the usual podcast libraries – Apple, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google, Audible et al.

However, to get enough out of Blubrry to make it worth using, it comes with a price – and it wasn’t worth paying for a podcast I had no time to produce. Bring on Acast.

I got an email from Acast trying to get me to switch, and it was clear the free tier offered everything I needed, and made it easy to monetise if the time comes.

The problem is, it doesn’t easily integrate with WordPress. So in future I’ll need to create a show page, upload via Acast, and then add the link to the show page.

With that in mind, I will likely just use the free show page that comes with Acast, and redirect both the link to A Trip to Space on this website, as well as the domain name

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