AI Therapist and psychedelic drugs to treat depression


A life science firm has developed an AI therapist that can help treat patients with addiction and depression.

Interview with Dr Srinivas Rao and David Keene from atai – first voice is Dr Rao

Life sciences firm atai has taken a controlling stake in digital therapeutic startup Psyber to develop a new technology that combines a brain computer interface with psychedelic drugs.

The goal of the project, which could begin clinical trials later this year, is to see if the Brain Computer Interface can provide enough data to produce an artificial intelligence therapist.

When used in combination with psychedelic drugs, it could help to treat someone with depression or addiction problems by resetting the brain through the psychedelics, then rebuilding it with the AI therapist.

In an interview for MailOnline I spoke to Dr. Srinivas Rao, Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer at atai and David Keene, Digital Therapeutics Lead at atai about the merger of AI and psychedelic drugs for mental health.

You can read my full take on the story on the MailOnline website.

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