Ryan Morrison Promo from Ryan Morrison on Vimeo.

I work on the idea of constantly trying to improve myself. On looking at areas of my life and skillset that could be improved and improving them. From taking online courses to learn new skills to practicing the ones I already have.

I play guitar and drums, I make and edit videos, I have presented radio shows and produced podcasts, I've been a journalist for 15 years and was a designer before that.

I create apps and games for iPhone, Android, Mac, Windows and the web. I use Unity, XCode and Android Studio. I use Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere, I use Photoshop and Sketch. I try to find new ideas and new ways of doing things.

I'm always open to be challenged and listen. I share what I create in the hope others will do the same and love what I do.

I'm a father of four, have been married for most of my adult life and try to find happiness in everything.