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More of what I do and where to find it

I've created content that exists on a variety of platforms from photo tools like Pixabay to gaming sites like I support the idea of putting content on the platform that suits it best. So here are a few links.

Other websites I've created and where to find my content:

  1. egoGames
  2. ourJersey
  3. egoDev
  4. Medium
  5. Twitter
  6. YouTube
  7. Pixabay

A few online games I've created:

You can find most of the games I've produced on There are others that are currently only available for iOS and can be found on the egoDev website.

  1. FeedKeith
  2. Breakout
  3. Extreme Test Flight
  4. MediaMillions
  5. Stellium
  6. ZiggerZagger
  7. PongD
  8. FREE app and game downloads

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  • More of what I do and where to find it