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Why I learnt to code and what it has given me

I learnt to code as a hobby, as something to do that was not just watching Netflix after I realised I was spending more than half of my free time watching videos.

When I started it wasn’t from a blank canvas. I had a firm knowledge of HTML and CSS and a limited amount of Javascript as a result of working as a digital designer in the late 90s and early 00s before becoming a journalist. I also tried to keep those skills up, although mostly in servicing, creating and adapting Wordpress templates.

In two years I’ve gone from that mainly design linked understanding to having a working knowledge of C# and Swift. I’ve also started learning Python as part of gaining a better insight into big data and AI.

I’ve built games and apps that I’ve released for iOS that have so far had more than 12,000 downloads and other apps that I use on my Mac for myself on a daily basis.

I’ve started building games, along with my teenage son that will eventually form part of a new web and mobile gaming platform called Ego Games that we’re doing as a joint hobby project.

It has also made me more aware of what the technology I use is doing and how it’s doing it.

I’d recommend learning to code to anyone as it’s a great fun hobby with real world applications.

I used a combination of books such as Hacking with Swift, Udemy courses, Youtube Channels and just jumping in and playing about to see what I can achieve.

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  • Why I learnt to code and what it has given me