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I can code in Swift for iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS, including converting iOS apps into Cocoa apps to run on macOS.

I can code in c#, specifically for use in Unity game development but am also studying for use in Windows forms and applications.

I'm learning Java for Android development and Python for AI and data analysis.

I can write HTML and CSS and have a basic understanding of PHP and Javascript. This comes alongside a detailed understanding of the Wordpress platform, including plugin writing and theme creation.


App highlights

Say It For Me

One of my most popular apps on the App Store is Say it For Me an app born out of me losing my voice. Basically you type something and the phone voice says it for you.


A simple app I built for my own use then decided to release. It is a useful utility for Journalists available on the App Store. It has a number of functions useful for journalists on the go.

What's that flag

The most popular app I've ever released on the App Store is called What's that flag. It is an incredibly simple app that shows a random selection of flags and you have to guess which one matches the title. It's available for free.

Coin Save and sort - macOS app

Have a big bag of coins rattling around in your draw or a jar? Can't face counting them all then adding up their values? No worries. CashCounter will do it for you.

Game Highlights

The Collective are a secret organisation designed to further the lot of mankind. In this case the lot of Martin, a 30 year old office drone with nothing better to do.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it is to navigate the tricky world of bricks. You have to battle the Kai, fight through the maze, dismiss the aliens and take on the big guns.

How good of a pilot are you. Can you take the experimental rocket on a journey through the most extreme test flight facility of all time?

Defend the Earth from the invading alien menace. Fire your lasers before they hit you with theirs.

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