My first real job involved building Intranet pages for a large telecom company. I was 17. My second real job involved designing interfaces for finance company and government tools and websites.

Then I moved into journalism and until this year hadn’t really thought about development or design.

I decided in early 2017 to take up a new hobby. I needed a distraction from life and in the summer I found Swift. Apple’s fairly easy to follow programming language for iPhone, iPad, Watch, TVOS and Mac.

App Store

Since then I’ve published a number of apps on the Apple App store and built even more that I use myself on my phone.

I’ve followed online courses through Udemy, on YouTube with Code with Chris (including wrapping my Bored British Dad blog in an app) and through text tutorials.

Over that time I’ve found a number of very useful resources that I thought I’d share here. Partly to make it easier to find myself, but also for others to use.

Coding and Design resources I’ve come across during my self training in iOS development. From image sources and graphics to design tools, coding libraries and guides.

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