About Me

I am a 30-something broadcast journalist from Jersey, Channel Islands. I’m a social media specialist, technology reporter, photography enthusiast and geek.

I cover a wide range of subjects from politics and entertainment to technology and business. I write Swift code for iOS, macOS and tvOS and am learning to code for other platforms too.

I started my career as a graphic designer and have spent the last 15-years working in journalism. I have a passion for photography, music, astronomy, history and social media.

Every year I cover a number of major festivals in the island including Jersey Live where I get to interview a wide range of musicians.

My favourite two were probably Paul Weller and George Ezra although Ed Sheeran, given his fame since, was likely the most high profile person I’ve ever interviewed – at least he’s someone my son knows.

In 2014 I organised, produced and presented the breakfast show on a pop-up radio station for the Branchage film festival, including live commentary of the grand finale.

I am married with four children, I play drums and guitar and like to paint – badly. For those interested my children are called Oceana-Skye, Jaden-Taylor, Kailen-James and Zephaniah.

I intend to use this blog to share some of my ideas, tips and resources I’ve gathered over the years – mainly in journalism and technology but occasionally in other areas as well.

I’ll showcase some of my best photographs, upload some music and share links to my other projects.

More to see from me:

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Space and SciFi > Geek Space Guide

General Blog > Medium (Up Your Ego)

The App Store > Apple App Store (using fnd)

The Photos > Pixabay (cc0)  and Flickr (everything else)

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