Easy like a Jersey evening

Jersey is one of the most beautiful places on Earth, from the rugged rocks of the north coast to the rolling seas at high tide, it’s a place of wonder and joy.

As well as being a food lovers paradise, Jersey is a photographers dream.

Recently while on my way home from work I was struck by bright glow of the late Spring sunset and had to capture what I could on the only camera I had – my iPhone.

This is the result. Some with Instagram filters and some straight from the camera to the screen.

Inspiration first struck while on the bus home from work.

Rather than travel through the tunnel as normal it journeyed up a steep road and so with the sun shining through the window with a beautiful orange hue, I moved across the bus and snapped away.

Then I saw the stunning Havre des Pas pier at high tide.

Unfortunately the bus was moving too fast to capture it properly but with the help of a filter and some editing I managed to get a workable image.

And then, nearly home, I get off the bus at Le Mar slipway and let go.

A friend once said the best way to advertise Jersey would be to take a picture of the beach with the slogan “Here in 45 minute by plane” and put it up around Tube stations.

Sitting in the evening sun on a late Spring day, watching the sun set and the tide roll in, I know exactly what he means.


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