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I photograph a number of major music events in Jersey. I’ve taken photos of major acts on the stage and the crowd from the stage.

When I first started one in 1,000 photos would come out useable, now the majority do. I have a lot to learn still but after more than a decade I’m starting to get there.

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I was fortunate to have a lot of help and advice, and laughs, from Jules Annan of ConcertPhotography who visits Jersey every year for Jersey Live.

My camera is normally trained on the bands – but sometimes the interesting picture is in the other direction.

As I work for the BBC the photo is the one that looks the best regardless of whether it is worth any money and sometimes that is of a fan holding a camera up or a sign declaring their love for the star.

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I remember one photo of an Oasis fan with streams of tears down their face as Noel Gallagher takes to the stage in Trinity.

Being in the pit is a good place to be, you are very close the action and you get shots of the stage up close and personal – but sometimes there really isn’t much to see on stage.

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How many photos do you need of a man holding a guitar singing into a microphone?

That’s why I turn to the crowd, to tell the tale through the reaction.

A few of the photos in this post were taken at Jersey Live, others were at the Sure Big Gig in the Park.


This isn’t a great picture but here is the teary eyed girl who was “really happy” to see Noel on stage.


Noel Gallagher

This is Noel



To finish it off here is a wide crowd shot from the main stage just before Noel Gallagher started performing.


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