Original journalism stories for BBC News

I’ve written thousands of stories in my more than a decade working for BBC News online including dozens of original stories where I got a by-line.

Here are a few examples. There are others that were done for radio and television but don’t have an online record that I can easily share.

The stories cover a variety of subjects from technology and science to history and architecture. One of my favourites was a report on a man called Adolphus Curry who designed half the buildings in Jersey in the 19th century.

Another was a story on a gambling addict who said there wasn’t enough support in the island for people like him and the betting shops don’t do anything at all.



Jersey Occupation: German book given to Red Cross nurse

A rare book, written in German about Jersey that was presented to a Red Cross nurse in 1945, has been returned to the island. Read more…



Jersey experts find gold necklace in ‘largest Celtic hoard’

A gold necklace has been discovered by experts examining the world’s largest hoard of Celtic coins. Read more…



Jersey deportees to Australia shown in archive book

A cattle thief and a brothel owner who murdered a police officer were among Jersey residents deported to Australia in the 19th Century. Read more…



Jersey group in campaign to create ‘Bitcoin Isle’

A campaign has been launched to make Jersey a world leader in digital currencies. Read more…


Damian Rzeszowski killings: Crimes that shocked Jersey

On a sunny day in August 2011 a quiet Victorian terrace on the outskirts of St Helier became the scene of one of Jersey’s most violent crimes. Read more…



Jersey offering ‘no help’ for gambling addicts

As the 30th betting shop opens in Jersey one gambler claims not enough is being done to help those with an addiction. Read more…


_61826467_dod2Discovering the life of Jersey’s ‘hidden architect’

A man described as “one of the most important Jersey architects of his age” can be found buried in a barely marked grave in St Saviour. Read more…



Jersey ‘store your own food’ warning issued

Jersey’s harbour is the way almost all of the island’s food supplies get in, but imagine something happened to stop boats from docking. Read more…


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