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The BBC has a lot of audio and video content on its website. Unfortunately very little of it is available to embed. Radio programmes have the most embeddable content and BBC News seems to have the least.

The easiest way to embed when using WordPress is through a shortcode. There are codes for YouTube,, TED and more. There are none for the BBC.

So I decided to have a go at creating one. It is far from pretty but it works as a plugin. When installed you just need to go to the BBC page (has to be under /programmes) you want to take the clip from, copy the URL and use the shortcode followed by src= and the website address you just copied.

You can download it as a .zip file and then upload it to your WordPress install

The video at the top was taken from Fall Out Boy doing Star Caller on BBC Radio 1.

This will only work on media pages the BBC has already enabled for external embedding – you know this is available if it has the little brackets in the bottom right corner of the player.

This plugin just saves you from having to paste the code in to the WordPress post yourself.

DOWNLOAD the BBC WordPress Shortcode Embed plugin.


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